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What is the value of financial advice?

If you are ill, you go to the doctors, if you are moving house you use a solicitor - we seek out experts for important decisions because that is their job - to have the knowledge that we do not have.


And yet, when it comes to our money there seems to be nervousness or mistrust in getting advice from experts.  

Couple Sitting with Financial Advisor
But if we need financial advice, why don't we ask for it? 

Is it because as a nation we generally don't like discussing money? 

Are we put off by the myths that surround advice – for example you ‘have to be rich’, ‘it’s too expensive’, ‘it’s not worth it? If you have ever thought any of these things, ask yourself if these thoughts are based on facts or ’just what people say’?

There are probably many factors that put people off getting advice but given that we all need money to support ourselves and you could potentially be much better off with advice from the experts – is it at least worth exploring?

Does financial advice really make a difference? 

Research found that those who took financial advice ended up with an average increase in wealth of £47,000  vs those who did not. 

There's lots of research to show that advice works, adding real value to people’s financial circumstances in the long run.

We are generally not programmed to think long-term, it can be hard enough budgeting each month, let alone looking 15-20 years into the future. And then having to work out how much money you’ll need to maintain your lifestyle and how you achieve that. So back to the opening line - we seek experts for important decisions as that’s their job - to have the knowledge that we don’t. 

What to expect from an adviser? 

Tailor-made, expert guidance to help you reach your financial goals.

An adviser will meet with you and chat about your financial goals, any savings you have, your pensions, your income and outgoings. They will then put together recommendations based on your circumstances to see how they can get your money working harder.

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