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Employee Assistance Services

We work in partnership with many employers in the public and private sectors across the UK. Offering bespoke and impartial financial services to employees during periods of uncertainty and change. 

With our extensive experience over the years dealing with many well-established companies, and their employees, it has become apparent that there has never been more of a need to support employees and their financial well-being.

Our comprehensive and varied suite of services is designed to accommodate today's ever-changing financial world. They can be tailored to your company's needs and in line with your expected outcomes. 

We offer a consultancy-based approach with rates quoted for the contract. 

We will take full responsibility for all advice given and provide all the necessary licenses and professional indemnity insurance appropriate to this kind of work. 



We provide a comprehensive range of up-to-date and topical information designed to help and support employees. 


We strive to enhance the well-being of your workforce by offering insightful presentations and personalised one-to-one sessions. 

Seminar Topics: 
1. Pensions and pre-retirement planning

In our engaging sessions, we shed light on the significance of pensions, unraveling the complexities surrounding company pension schemes, contributions, and the array of retirement options available. Our presentations are set up to help ensure  your employees are well-informed and empowered to make informed decisions about their financial future.
2. Preparing for redundancy

Our presentations and one-to-one sessions delve into the intricacies of redundancy, offering practical insights on preparing for this phase of professional life. We cover key aspects such as understanding redundancy packages, financial planning during transition periods, and exploring new career opportunities. Our goal is to equip your employees with the resilience and skills they need to navigate the uncertainties that come with a career change.
3. Handling debt and managing your finances on a reduced income

Our sessions cover a spectrum of topics, including understanding the roots of personal debt, creating effective debt management plans, and building sustainable financial habits. We strive to alleviate the stress associated with financial challenges, allowing your employees to focus on their professional responsibilities with a clear and focused mind.
4. Executive Services 

Our expert presentations and personalised one-to-one sessions delve into the intricacies of executive pension planning, highlighting the importance of strategic pension arrangements to secure a prosperous retirement. We also navigate the advantages of salary sacrifices, optimising tax efficiencies and maximising financial benefits for your executives and directors.

We take a deeper look at life's financial journey and educate people not to fear but thrive on newfound freedoms. 

By choosing Wayne Austin IFA, you are investing in the well-being of your team during times of change. Our tailored approach ensures that employees feel supported and informed, helping to promote a positive outlook on the road ahead.  

Calling on our expertise is not only investing in your employees financial literacy; you are fostering a workplace culture that values their long-term well-being. 

Contact us today to schedule a session and empower your team with the tools they need to navigate the path to a financially secure retirement. Your employees' future starts with the knowledge they gain today. 

Please note: Some services are non-regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority or covered by the financial ombudsman service or financial services compensation scheme. 

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