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Founded in 2006 the firm has developed and maintained strong client relationships.  

 We take pride in offering personalised services and continue to innovate and evolve to offer high standards of advice in the modern world.

Meeting Room

Our Company

Wayne has been providing financial advice since 1991, becoming an IFA in 1998 and subsequently founding Wayne Austin IFA Ltd in 2006. Now based in Altrincham where we purchased our own office premises which offer modern business facilities and parking. 

Throughout those years we have developed and continued to maintain strong relationships with our clients and we take pride in our excellent customer service. 

Adam Norris has worked for the firm since 2011 after successfully obtaining a BA(Hons) degree in financial services from Manchester Metropolitan University. Developing an established client base since, and in 2018 Adam was promoted to Director of the firm.


We focus on maintaining the same high standard, personalised, and informed approach we have always provided. We offer superior service and ensure we do our utmost to retain our clients for the long term, ensuring we help meet our client's long-term objectives.  

Our Team

Wayne Austin 

Principal & Founder of the business 


Adam Norris 

Director & IFA


Angela Jackson



Murray Gibson 

Client Liason Consultant


Steve Bendall

Financial Consultant & Independent Banking Adviser 


Elliot Preston

Client Manager


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 Helped me with my planning as well as helping me understand everything I am doing. I feel much more confident in my aims and goals now

-Alan, Chesire

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