Employee Assistance Services

Wayne Austin IFA works in partnership with many employers in the public and private sector throughout the UK. We offer bespoke and impartial financial services to employees during periods of uncertainty and change, such as, when approaching retirement, redundancy, change of company pensions and financial hardship.

From our recent experience in dealing with many well-established companies and their employees, it has never been more apparent that the need to support employees in their financial well-being is of upmost importance. Evidence suggests that many employees have severe debt but no-one to talk to. This can have a huge impact on their day to day performance.

Our comprehensive and varied suite of services are designed to accommodate today’s ever changing financial world. They can be tailored to your company needs and in line with your expected outcomes. We have provided seminars and consultancy to many companies, as well as the public sector.

We offer two funding options:

  1. A consultancy based approach with rates quoted for the contact – on contracted rates we apply a no sales policy without written authorisation from the employer.

  2. A no charge offering, apart from the venue and expenses – where we are paid no consultancy fees we will look to recoup our costs through marketing of our services which attract fees.

On both the above options we will take full responsibility for all advice given and provide all the necessary licences and professional indemnity insurances appropriate to this kind of work.


Together with our Employee Assistant Programme (EAP) partners we provide a comprehensive range of up to date and topical information designed to help and support employees. Our speakers are professionally qualified and competent Independent Financial Advisers (who are regulated through the Financial Conduct Authority) ensuring your delegates are in the safe hands of professionals at all times.

Our seminars range from 60 to 90 minutes per session. These can be provided either as stand-alone short seminars or as part of a half/full day workshop. We like to provide flexibility and can offer up to four seminars throughout the day enabling staff and managers to attend the session most relevant to their needs. We can even offer one to one clinics around the seminars.

Below are some examples of the topics we offer:


Planning for Retirement

Preparing for Redundancy

Managing on a reduced income

Executive Services

Managing Debt

We take a deeper look at life’s financial journey and educate people not to fear but thrive on new found freedoms. Some of the areas we will discuss in the above seminars include (but are not limited to): personal taxation, income in retirement, drawdown vs annuity, retirement planning & pension consolidation, tax efficient gifts, inheritance tax, use of trusts & wills, tax efficient investment, investing for income/growth, lifetime mortgages, utilising equity in your home, loans/credit cards, debt in retirement, IVA/Bankruptcy.

For further information, or if you are interested in booking a seminar, please contact us either by telephone, email or our contact form and we will be happy to discuss.